what is grape records?

grape records is an independent alternative hip hop label based out of chapel hill, north carolina. we have a roster of around twenty extremely talented individuals, hand-selected by president coldpizza and vice president foresthgk. the vast majority of us are students, but we’re very committed to regularly putting out new material for you to enjoy.

how can I join the roster as an artist?

you probably can’t. however, if you’d like to join, hit our contact form! we can’t take everyone, so please understand if we don’t take you on as an artist. it’s not because you’re not special, we just like to keep a very tight circle.

can i join grape records as a graphic designer/photographer/publicist/whatever else i’m good at?

hit the contact form, we’re always looking to expand the team.

i own a business/brand and want to work with grape records!

that’s so great, thanks for believing in us! hit our contact form. i promise we’re really professional in the way we do business, we just like to have fun a lot too!

if i can’t join, should i get mad and threaten your life in your soundcloud/twitter dm’s?

no what the fuck why on earth would you do that ?? (this happens literally all the time)

can i use one of the label’s releases in my short film/radio show/vlog/whatever?

so long as you’re not profiting off of it, go ahead and use it (so long as you give us proper credit). we reserve the right to revoke the usage of our material as we see fit, but it should be fine. feel free to send us any of your work that our material is used in, we’d love to see it!

what if i feel like cashing tf out and heading to the denny’s right after?

for commercial/profitable use, inquire in our contact form with all the details. we’ll work something out.

why is caleb jones such a big fuckin nerd?

idk ask him.

i want to hear some of grape records’ stuff live!

come to our shows! we’re mostly up in the chapel hill area and the new york area, but wherever you live, we’ll be there one day. the easiest way to keep up with where we’re going to be is by following our twitter. to avoid all the nonsense that comes with following our twitter, follow our instagram instead.

can i kick it?

yes you can!

how is the skin on the back of your hands so soft?

it’s all about moisturizing my guy.

like for like/repost for repost/follow for follow?

come on dude it’s 2018 of course not. that's not building a network, you just wanna get your numbers up so you can feel confident enough to ask out that cutie in homeroom. just make ya move already champ, cool it with the follow for follow nonsense. she doesn't even peep your ratio like that. no one does lmfao grow up. 

can i buy a soundcloud repost?

what do you think man? (no)

when's the grape tape dropping?

aye dawg relax, that's unannounced at the moment. soon though.

where can i find a release schedule for upcoming grape records releases?

well there's some super secret files on my laptop, i won't show you that but if you hassle me on twitter @spghoul i'll probably be a bitch under pressure and tell you some top secret info.

are you in love?

😊yes i am, so tell ya mom to stop hitting my dm's.

what if my question wasn’t answered on here?

not to sound like a broken record or anything, but just hit our contact form! that’s all you’ve gotta do! I promise we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.